Jasmin Quiroga

The Great Depression

imprtant information

  • The great depression started in 1929. And last till around 1939-45.

  • The cause of the depression was when the stock markets crashed.

  • One of the any effects caused by the great depression was that most banks failed.

  • President Roosevelt said that he was going to regulate the economy, provide jobs, and citizens some economic protection.

  • World war ll is what ended the great depression.

      Eleanor Roosevelt

      Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most respected person at that time. She and her husband were poor before he had become president. When she was six she was separated from her family. Her mom was called the great beauty and Eleanor wasn’t as pretty as her mom. Her child hood was not an every happy child hood. One of the many reasons she was important to the great depression was because her husband was President Roosevelt.

      An Event List

      - the stock markets crashed

      -which caused the great depression

      -wolrd war 2 is what ened the great depression

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