SAP Weekly Update

April 6, 2020

Making the most of school closure

Dear Families,

As a result of COVID-19 we are all navigating a "socially distant" world. Our SAP Team has put together a list of resources for fun activities and tools to cope with the stress and anxiety related to these uncertain times. We hope you find them as useful and rewarding as we do!

Your SAP Counseling Team

The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.

Bucks County COVID-19 Behavioral Health Helpline


Available Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30

Flyer Available here:

PA Support & Referral Helpline

The Department of Human Services (DHS) announced the launch of a statewide Support & Referral Helpline staffed by skilled and compassionate staff who will be available 24/7 to assist Pennsylvanians struggling with anxiety and other challenging emotions due to the COVID-19 emergency and refer them to community-based resources that can further help to meet individual needs.

The toll-free, round-the-clock support line is officially operational. The number to call is 1-855-284-2494. For TTY, dial 724-631-5600.

Virtual Drop-In Rooms

Youth Move On

Youth MOVE PA is excited to host a “Youth Virtual Drop-In” that is all about getting some social interaction, even if we can’t go out and do our normal things. Our meetings will be hosted every Monday and Friday from 1pm to 2pm on Zoom. Meeting ID: 410-999-098, Meeting Link:

Adult Move On

The “Adult Virtual Drop-In”, is a topic-driven, social gathering hour that is scheduled twice a week. Let’s take some time for some good old socialization and conversation. One topic that is off limits is the COVID-19 virus! Meetings will take place using Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 pm to 2 pm. Meeting ID: 131-337-859, Meeting Link:

Wide Open School by Common Sense

Wide Open School features a free collection of the best learning experiences and activities for kids, organized by grade band and subject. You will also find daily schedules with creative breaks and recommendations to keep kids engaged and exploring, one day (or one hour) at a time.

Fun Activities

Coping with stress & anxiety

SAP Services in Bucks County are partially funded by

The Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

Your Council SAP Team

Melissa, Amy, Betsy, Cade, Deb, Diane, Jenn, Jessica, Kissie, Leslie, Maureen, Sarah, Trisha