zika virus

Is caused by a infected adedes species.

How to protect

"You can protect yourself from mosquito bites by applying sunscreen then applying a layer of bug spray or mosquito repellent so it is less likely to get bitten." - GlobalRescue,com

What are the symptoms?

"The most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctives. (red eyes)" - cdc.gov

Why has the Zika Virus spread so quickly?

"The Zika Virus has spread so quickly because there are so many mosquito's and when the breed and the young come they can all ready be infected with the disease to spread it more." - NbcNews.com

What is being done to treat some patients?

"Americares Family clinic in El Salvador is diagnosing the Zika Virus early by giving out ultra sounds to see if the child that is developing has Zika or Not." - Americares.org

How can GMO mosquitoes remove the zika carrying mosquito population?

"Oxitecs GM mosquitoes which interbreed with wild mosquitoes to produce unable to produce offspring when they breed so it demolishes the mosquito population.