Ms. Smith's News

For the Week of December 3-7

Events this week

  • Tuesday, December 6, 2012, 6:00 PM- Band and Choir Concert

Christmas Kindness Food Drive

Please look for the Sign Up list for the Christmas Kindness food drive! The last day to send in food is December 14.

What's Going On in Class?


This week, we will conclude our math unit on multi-digit addition, subtraction, and numeration. We will be reviewing Wednesday and Thursday and there will be a test either Friday or Monday. Our next unit will be a geometry mini-unit on angles.

Reading and Language Arts Learning Goals

  • Reading: identifying cause and effect and summarizing
  • Grammar: past tense regular verbs and past participles
  • Spelling: spelling changes in words ending with -ed, -es, and-ing
  • Vocabulary: Greek and Latin root words

Land around Us

Our current social studies and science unit is called "Land around Us." We are currently studying how forces change the Earth's surface. This week we are focusing on what happens when the Earth's plates collide.