By Rohan


Earthquakes usually happen in China. There are more earthquakes there than in the rest of the world! But mostly,earthquakes happen all over the world and most often at the pacific ocean and the pacific rim and the Middle East,Asia,and Southern Europe.


An earthquake is when 2 parts of the earth's crust push together to shake the earth causing collapsed buildings and sometimes wildfires.


Earthquakes can happen in any condition of weather,mostly humid.


Did you know that an earthquake in Sichuan,China killed 87,587 people? Southern California has roughly 10,000 earthquakes a year. The Kobe earthquake destroyed 103,500 buildings. Did you know that the south Iran quake killed 31,000 people? The great Alaskan quake was largest in U.S.A.


Homes were mostly destroyed and Dams were also destroyed and a lot of people died and 5 million buildings collapsed.

Famous example: The San Fransisco earthquake of 1906

It happened at April 18,1906 at 5:03 am and it happened in a city called San Fransisco,California It cracked the ground and burnt it. It split many streets in two and wooden buildings fell on hot stoves. More than 3,000 people died and half of the population had their homes burnt. It took 9 years to rebuild and cost 400,000,000$ in damage.



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