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February 1, 2016

Levels of Teaching Innovativeness (LoTi)

The staff of Arthur Elementary spent a day with Dr. Chris Moersch, CEO of LoTi. The focus of the professional development was increasing the "H.E.A.T" in our lesson planning.

Higher Order Thinking

Engaged Learners.

Authentic Experiences

Technology Use

Leslie Carnell, 1st grade teacher stated, "The workshop presenter was able to convey the most relevant message for me. It is my fervent desire to create a learning environment for my students to be highly engaged ,challenged and successful in the 21st century. This workshop was very inspiring ."

Amy Curtis, 1st grade teacher stated, "Before today, I thought of “engaged learning” as occurring in a classroom where all the activities are very exciting and every teacher has their eyes glued on the fascinating props that a teacher is holding. After this morning, I understood that engaged learning is more related to problem-solving. Our stories last week in the basal reader were about recycling. I could have moved my teaching to a LoTi 3 if students had been involved in solving a problem relating to recycling. This week we will be reading basal passages about weather. It begins with the focus skill of comparing and contrasting. However, I am going to try to take that to the next level by engaging the students in solving problems regarding knowing what to wear, where to play, etc., depending on different weather conditions. This will directly relate to promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It will also result in higher student engagement because they are always more interested in learning something if they know how it relates to their lives. My higher achieving students may also feel more challenged because they will be answering questions that involve higher order thinking, and my lower students may also feel successful because they will be able to answer real-world questions that do not depend just on their reading level and recalling of facts."

The LoTi Framework has become the instructional backbone to our school wide transformation. All teachers will be trained, however individual coaching and mentoring will be provided in 3 different cohort groups with a goal of 100% participation by the end of 2016-2017.

Expanding Personalized Learning with a Blended Learning Model

What's the difference? According to Brown University (2000), "personalized learning" is based on events occurring in a regular school day, assembling into categories that might explain how schools can organize themselves to personal learning for all students. Blended learning offers learning opportunities that are usually not available in a traditional classroom, and personalized learning is built on strong relationships. Researchers at Brown University identified six categories of supportive interactions across all schools, each reflecting a developmental need of students (See image at left).

As the school year continues, the staff and students at Arthur Elementary continue to expand the personalized learning opportunities for students. In the second semester we are gearing up for two major players in our digital transformation.

First, we are launching blended -learning opportunities with the use of of Lexia Learning and Dreambox Learning. These reading and math programs will be incorporated into existing literacy and math blocks. Both programs allow for individualized and adaptive learning for students.

Second, we are launching the official Learning Management System for Arthur Elementary...eBackpack. The implementation timeline includes training and experimenting for the rest of this school year and full implementation for 2016-2017.

iArthur ConnectED Showcase

Friday, Feb. 19th, 8:30-11:30am

5100 South Independence Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

Please join us for our first ConnectED Showcase! This is a come and go open-house opportunity for teachers, principals, district administrators to walkthrough and experience the transformational learning happening in our classrooms.

Please kindly RSVP so we know to expect your attendance.

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