14th Century France

By Sarah Saldaña


14th Century France has been through a lot of chaos throughout its time and has a lot of history to it . The research I found about it was over the little ice age , the Black Death and finally , the Hundred Years' War. The little ice age was a climatic natural disaster . It was so cold that the Baltic Sea froze overin 1303 . Crops also suffered from the little ice age that there was "reports of cannibalism ,and epidemics" sometimes it got so out of hand that people began coming to conclusions that it was being controlled by witches.Another disaster that was spreading throughout France was the Black Death ,a disease that was carried by black rats that sailors brought back from trading ships. The symptoms from this disease was a black swelling all over the body that was about three to five inches long and one to two inches wide that was filled with puss and blood . People would often die in 24 hours from this disease. Of course during this disastrous time there was the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) . The kings of England and France wanted to know who would later rule over France. The French kings invaded England so much that Gascony was only left to the English. The kingdom of Scotland was an ally of France throughout the war and was a big help to them. There was women in line to claim the French throne but they were often denied. "Starting in 1429,decisive French victories at Patay,formigny,and castillion concluded the war in favour of France with England permanently losing most of its major possessions on the continent" .England is now an island in Europe which has affected its outlook and development for more than 500 years .France is now a country also in Europe which has its own style. The war really influenced each country and helped them gain a reputation.

Connection to Present Day, Impact , Fun Facts ,and Event

Connection to Present Day-

In my opinion, Ebola is almost like The black death because it is super deadly and extremely contagious. Ebola spread throughout South Africa and even got into Dallas and other locations, like how the black death was spread throughout Europe. Ebola and the black death both can't be treated much by doctors or medicine.They both have an extreme death rate and unfortunately not enough space for the barriel for the bodies. There has even been controversy that Ebola was behind the black death . Both of these diseases have caused damage to the world.


The hundred years war has helped us today positively. Without it , we wouldn't have the French ruling over France after it. Today we are allies with France and if England took over , that could really effect America negatively . It has even given woman in France more rights like ruling over a throne . During the 14 hundreds it must of been extremely rough with the war going on . Wars have definitely changed over time because now we use better artillery and we have invented menu new methods and strategies into war .

Time Zone Facts -

1. In 1400 the first golf balls were made .

2. In 1410 the first known English Carol was made .

3. In 1429 Henry VI became king of England at less than a year old .

4. "The first known copyright was granted in Venice.

5. Bell chimes were invented.


These were some of the important impacts that were leading into the 14th century.

Brudges Matines killed Frenchman.

The Battle of Golden Spurs defeated Frances forces.

The states general passed Ettiene Marcels Great Ordinance .


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