By: Jason Schneider

A Brief description

Donatello was born in 1383 or 1386 in Florence, Italy. He spent his whole life in Florence. For his education, he was an apprentice to a famous master by the name of Ghiberti. He spent his whole life as a sculptor and painted once and a while. He made many sculptures out of bronze and made tabernacles. He made many of his works for the Medici family.

Some pieces

He made very famous sculptures like The Sculpture of David, St. George, The feast of Herod, and Gattamelata.

Here are some of his works

Let's learn about the sculptures.

Significance, Techniques, Interesting, and the "ISMS"

  • The significance of the Sculpture of David was to show the naturalness of a human, I think the technique is very precise and "perfect". I think the figure of David is so interesting. It represents Humanism.
  • St. George was made to show how to use heroic and leadership traits. The technique of this was that they used one stone the whole time. I think the cloak on the sculpture is the most interesting. I think it represents Skepticism
  • The Feast of Herod was to show the difference of all different kinds of religions. The technique of it is that it looks like it was on a wall. I think it is interesting that Donatello included different types of races.

Direct Quote and Paraphrase

Direct Quote: "Before a man can wake up and find himself famous he has to wake up and find himself."

Paraphrase: "A man should know what skills he is able to do before he makes himself famous"


  • Sculpture of David

  • Donatello picture

  • St. George

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