Barton Hills Bulletin

December 21 - January 3

From Kati

Have a wonderful Winter Break and a Happy New Year! Rest, rejuvenate, spend time with your family and on yourself.

I just found out that our Technology Bond Device order will be delivered and devices configured on Thursday, January 7th! Woo Hoo! We are getting the 95 Dell Laptops and 22 Chromebooks. Unfortunately there has been a delay with the iPads but hopefully not too long of one. The library will be used the afternoon of the 7th to get them set up and put on carts. Once that is done, we will start bringing them out to classrooms. Please remember that we do not have any mice for the laptops - the bond money did not pay for any other auxiliary devices so we have to order and pay for those ourselves. I'll work on that after our break. As a refresher (and so you can start thinking about classroom arrangements and integreation) the distribution (combination of what was ordered and what we already have on campus) will be:

12 laptops for kinder classrooms

12 laptops for 1st grade classrooms

22 chromebooks for second grades

30 laptops and a cart for 3rd grade

20 ipads for 4th grade

30 laptops and a cart for fifth grade

30 laptops and a cart for sixth grade

Additional Information/Updates/ Reminders

  • Remember to complete your Austin ISD Employee Ethics & Conduct: 2015-16 online professional development. You have been automatically enrolled in this course in the Human Capital Platform
  • On January 4th, please bring your laptop to our meeting so we can complete the Staff Climate survey.
  • Please do not bring students through the teacher's lounge during the day even though it is a shorter way to the office.
  • Technology Bond Initial Device Training: There is device specific online training set up for your staff to access on the basic functions of the different devices. This is just basic use of the device information and does not include classroom/instructional ideas.

    This training can be accessed through the Student Device Bond website in the "Our Staff" section at:

December 21 - January 3 Winter Break

This Week's Events

Halbert- Morning Duty

Monday - Day

  • Teacher Staff Development Day
  • Barbara's Birthday
  • 8:00 Staff Climate Survey
  • Student Meetings:
  • 8:45 Kinder
  • 9:30 First
  • 10:30 Second
  • 11:15 Third
  • 12:30 Fourth
  • 1:15 Fifth
  • 2:00 Sixth

Tuesday - B Day

  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • Students Return/ Beginning of 3rd nine weeks
  • 7:45 Morning Assembly

Wednesday - C Day

Thursday - A Day

  • 1:00 - 4:00 ish Technology Bond Device Delivery/set-up in the Library
  • Report Cards Go Home

Friday - B Day

Upcoming Events

January 11

Collins' Birthday

9:00 6th Grade to Pease Elementary for program

January 14

3:00 CAC

January 16

Sylvia's Birthday

January 18

Student and Staff Holiday

January 19

TPRI/DRA Window opens (k,1,2)

January 21

3:00 Faculty Meeting - Welcoming Schools Module 5

January 22

8:00 Prospective parent meeting

Career Day

January 25

Sarah Tso's Birthday

January 28


6:30 5th grade Choir Show

January 29

Teacher Luncheon

Cultural Arts Program - Austin High Ballet Folkloric

  • 9:00 K-2
  • 9:45 3-6
January 30

Day of 11