East Granby High School Newsletter

February 2016


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

In the coming weeks we will begin the process of enrolling students in classes for next year. This is a very important process here at EGHS for both the school and for students. Soon we will distribute the program of studies. In the days that follow, students will have the opportunity to choose their courses for next year. As a long time educator, I would like to make a few observations about choosing the “right” courses. First, now is not the time to play it safe. I often hear that a student is taking an easier class because they want to earn a good grade. While I will acknowledge that good grades are important, what is more important is that you push yourself. Try the honors or AP class. Competitive colleges and employers alike look for students to take a rigorous schedule. Yes, it’s more important than your G.P.A..

Second, now is the time to explore. I also often hear that students are resisting a particular class because they are not “good at that.” Honestly, at your age, you are not old enough to have a deep enough experience to really know. When I was in high school I was quite sure that I was a math & science guy. Then I got a degree in humanities. Now I am a principal. My experience is very typical of many of my peers, changing careers many times. Because of this, now is exactly the time in your life to explore new learning, careers, ideas that are different from the ones you have already been exposed to. Take a class in art, manufacturing, business, music, psychology, etc. and see what else is out there.

Third, in the end, what really matters the most is your ability to “learn to learn.” Most people, in the end, work in fields unrelated to their college majors.

I hope I have convinced you to sign up for that elective, and take a chance on learning something new. Remember, colleges and employers pay more attention to rigor than G.P.A.

Best Regards,

Mr. Peling


By Emma Durao and Kathleen Phelan

The Guidance Department is in the midst of the college application season with seniors. Many regular decision deadlines are approaching. Students are working closely with their school counselor to get the job done. Acceptances are rolling!!

Guidance Happenings:

· The PSAT scores have arrived and your results can be viewed on collegeboard.com. Students will also receive a paper score report in the mail at the end of January. Please contact your school counselor with any questions!

· Junior post-secondary planning meetings are underway with your school counselor. These are discussions about plans after graduation and how to get you there. If you have not scheduled a meeting with your school counselor, please do so!

· Thursday, February 25th at 6:30pm is Junior Post-Secondary Planning Night in the high school library. Juniors and their parents are invited and will be receiving an invitation in the mail. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to learn valuable information about the college process, military options and the workforce. We hope to see you there!

· The 2016 redesigned SAT dates are as follows: March 5, May 7, and June 4. Juniors please begin to sign up for the March or May test on collegeboard.com. This SAT test is different than the one we administer for the state on March 2nd. The links below will give dates/deadlines as well as how to register for the test. See your school counselor with any questions.



· Sophomores will be taking the “Do What You Are” personality type inventory in the next few months. The “Do What You Are” has helped hundreds of thousands of people find truly satisfying work. “Do What You Are” introduces Personality Type - how you process information, make decisions and interact with the world around you - and shows you which of the 16 types describes you best!

· The annual EGHS Career Fair will be held this year on April 5th at 9:30am for our freshman, sophomores and junior classes in the High School gym. As we begin to plan this wonderful event we ask any parents or professionals in the community to contact the guidance office if you are interested in being a presenter. We have had such wonderful professionals over the past 3 years and we hope to continue educating our students through our community volunteers.

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Click on the link below for valuable information regarding the Connecticut SATs.

Grade 11 Post High School Planning Presentation - Thursday, February 25th - 6:30pm - parents and students invited

Blood Drive - Friday, February 26th - 8:00am - 1:00pm

Pops Concert - Friday, March 4th


Congratulations to Josh Diaz who is the February Rotary Club Student of the Month!




Jacob Anthony, Amber Bourgault, Christina Brose, Brianna Canny, Nancy Cheng, Audrey Corcoran, Christian Fagnant, Chris Fortier, Chole Gosselin, Rachel Griffin, Sarah Jacius, Catherine Kelly, Jillian Kuofie, Tiffanie Moreau, Gabriela Reis, David Sales, Olivia Sanford, Dillon Silkey, Caitlin Strzegowski, Kayla Tran, Jack Tubridy, Jordan Walsh and Taylor Whitehouse.


Katarina Bade, Abigail Bouwer, Olivia Brody, Alex Cannon, Jamie Crane, Allie Davis, Sosie French, Kylie Geer, Kayla Gibbs, Megan hacia, Melanie Kellogg, Justin Lacharite, Hayley Morris, Claire Newhall, Ivana Prats, Lita Roy and Julia Vassallo.


Zach Allen, Ashley Barry, Alivia Begin, Jolie Berger, Emily Farmer, Alexandria Geer, Nicole Gosselin, Genna Hartman, Olivia Hoerle, Kathryn Kelly, Kaelyn Ludwig, Jenna Sheridan, Ryan Vanags and Brady Williams.


Emma Beman, Matt Borsari, KEn Callahan, Dennis Cheng, Dan Couceiro, Paige Derlinga, Nick Fersch, Emily guillerault, Oritro Iqbal, Ailing Li, Sarah Martin, Oliva Morris, Colton Reardon, Amanda Samuel, Lauren Stout, Chloe Wellins and Valerie Winalski.



Jamie Baird, Jamison Clark, Lindsey Clark, Alessandra Damato, Dillon Fiore, Emily Frascona, Aidan Gallagher, Declan Gallagher, Rose Hart, Jordan Kott, Cory Ludwig, Nate Orkney, John Patrizzi, Bianca Prescott, Joselyn Rybczyk, Ekaterina Santos, Devin Stout, Aidan Walsh, Josh Waterman and Chalan Whelan.


Sierra Benware, Jordin Comstock, Luke Denno, Jamie Deskus, Lauren Houde, Olivia Kowal, McKayla Langmeier, Lily McCarthy, Destinie Meade, Kiara Murdock, Tatum Strong, Ryan Trombly, Eve White and Alexandra Williams.


Ashley Boateng, Anna Brose, Sean Brunelle, Alex Chester, Nelson Ferguson, Sam Kilby, Mackenzie LaCroix, Nathan Langmeier, Tyler Petrunti, Keegan Plocki, Kyler Sladyk, Sarah Soucy, Ben Stone, Tiffany Wilkinson and Jennifer Yekel.


Sabrina Barry, Mackenzie Denno, Josh Diaz, Adrian Eaton, Dylan Finegan-Cole, Kelsey Gibbs, Gariella Jones, Dan Langhoff, Marco Laureno, Taylor Lavoie, Thomas Lostowski, Emily Marceau, Morgan Mattil, Cedric Pickering, Kelsey Roy, Dylan Teixeira and Cassandra Weir.


Click on the link below to find out about the next Winter Roundtable programs available.


East Granby High School has rolled out a NEW Almuni Webpage! The page can be found at the link below. This page contains all the information currently available regarding reunions and East Granby High School alumni events. If you have information on upcoming alumni events to share or would like your request for information posted on this page please email a brief blurb to:


We would like to keep you informed about events here at East Granby High School. Please fill out the Alumni Contact Form on the webpage.



By Laura Zinnen

Ready for some Stoichiometry Relay?!?!

The Chemistry classes worked together in groups to solve stoichiometry problems by treating each step like a relay race. They were able to deepen their understanding and help each other in the process. An added bonus… bragging rights for the winners!! Go Chem!

By Deborah Ott

EGHS's 2015 issue of Voices Literary Magazine is now available on-line! Clink the link below to enjoy artwork, poetry and prose from our students. Did you know that you can order a hard copy of this magazine? Just contact Deborah Ott (dott@eastgranby.k12.ct.us) for more information.


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By Mark Waller

Cedrick Pickering, Alex Nigro, and Marco Laureno add new product into the school store inventory using a point-of-purchase computer scanner. The new system allows students to collaborate for management and reporting of sales and inventory. It also provides a platform for cross-curricula learning in various business classes.

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By Laura McCabe

The Food and Nutrition classes summed up a semester of learning through their cooking final experience.


By Laura McCabe

New to the Child Development 2 Class, students are experiencing a hybrid online class in partnership with Asnuntuck Community College, this is part of to our regularly scheduled class period 3. They will be taking a field trip to KinderCare in East Granby, and Saint Joseph College School for Young Children to complete required observations. Towards the end of March students will begin their Preschool Child study program. We are looking for children ages 3-5 to participate, Tues., Weds., Thurs., in the estimated time range of 9:00 am. - 10:15 am. We will be putting out a flyer with more information soon.


By Laura McCabe

The Fabrics class presented their Music Through Fashion Show on Thursday January 7 at 5pm. With preshow guitar music by class member Eric LaBrecque. Class member Kelsey Roy, Tiffany Wilkinson, Gabby Jones, Emily Marceau, Paul Dube, Dylan Finegan- Cole, and Cedric Pickering contributed to the show in many different ways. What's most important in our lives is the good deeds we do, the care we show to one another, and the use of all of our talents and abilities.

Thank You to all the people who helped out, participated in rehearsals and the actual show, and attended the Fashion Show. Thank you to Mr. Tonino, Ailing Li, Vanessa Newman, Josh Akpan, Johnny, Helena Brody, Brianna Ramos, Kiarra Murdock, Tajianna Ledford, Eve White, Alexis Gelinas and Taylor LaVoie, for their participation! I hope you feel blessed and appreciated.



By Señora Duffy and Señora Mullane

The Spanish II classes with Señora Mullane have been learning about stores and shopping this month. They currently are using iPad technology to bring their written scripts to life on the stage. Look in next month's newsletter for the video footage.

The students in AP Spanish Language and Culture are preparing for the AP exam quickly approaching in May. Paige Derlinga and Kelsey Gibbs are practicing for one of the audio sections of the exam. They are sharing a simulated phone conversation and after working together, they are getting accustomed to using the voice recorders which they will be required to use on the cultural presentation and the phone conversation portions of the exam. ¡Buena suerte, chicas!

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The Spanish II classes with Mullane have been learning about stores and shopping this month. They currently are using iPad technology to bring their written scripts to life on the stage. Look in next month's newsletter for the video footage.


By Alison Chaloux

Click on the first link below for a copy of the Annual Pops Concert Ticket Order Form.

Click on the second link below for a copy of the Advertisement Order Form.


By Stefanie Mullane and Brianne Gilbert


Who: Drama Club participants, Mrs. Mullane & Ms. Gilbert

What: Matilda the Musical, orchestra seats

Where: The Bushnell Theater

When: Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 OR Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 5:45 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. (approximately)

How: approximately $85.00, first come first serve to Mrs. Mullane or Ms. Gilbert


Pizza party at the High School at 5:00 p.m.

Departing from EGHS for Bushnell at 5:45 p.m.

Orchestra seat at the Bushnell Theater to see Matilda

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Tickets $12, $10, and $8 sold at the door



By Bob Paskiewicz

The East Granby, Enfield, Stafford hockey cooperative slammed Southington/Hall High Schools 3-1 on "Senior Day" Saturday afternoon at the Enfield Twin Rinks. Senior Alex Hacia was honored before the game with seven other senior skaters graduating from the team. Alex Hacia then skated his way to capture a win at the last home game. Jason Marin played like a senior and scored his second goal of the season to help seal the team's 5th victory. Mason Holt protects the net in goal backing up an All State goalie. Freshman Zach Hacia is a productive newcomer and contributor to the team this year.

Come support the team in their last regular season game on Saturday, Feb 27, 4:30pm when they take on the State Champions from Suffield-Granby-Windsor-Locks at Enfield Twin Rinks. A large, noisy crowd will be in attendance. Be a Sport and bring your best Sportsmanship to the game!

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By Coach Ziff

As the boy's basketball season nears a close, the varsity team has already doubled their win total from last year. The JV team has exceeded their win total from last year as well, and the Freshmen team has had several wins showing a bright future beyond this year. Senior captain Nick Fersch did achieve scoring his 1000th point against Granby in front of a great crowd at EGHS. Going into the last week of the season, the varsity team still is contention to make the state tournament needing two wins in their final two games. There have been several great wins, and a few close defeats, but each game the team has brought maximum effort for every minute of the game. Nick Fersch averages 27 points, 17 rebounds, and 5 assists per game, while other major contributions from Connor Rosenberger, Sean Brunelle, Kyle Brassard, and Ryan Vanags have helped support the team with scoring and defensive among several other key contributors.

The team as a whole has been featured twice on WFSB's 11pm sports shot Friday Night Frenzy, along with an article in the Hartford Courant this winter:


On top of the great publicity, East Granby boys players went out into the community to offer to shovel out their neighbors free of charge, while only encouraging them to attend the next home games and support the team. The team has had great support from the students and parents of East Granby both at the home games, and on the road as well. All of the boys both on and off the court have a lot to be proud of this year as we finish up the season in the near future.

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By Coach Miramontes and Coach Doherty

The EGHS Girls Varsity basketball team ended their season with a 2-18 record with two back-to-back wins over Stafford. While the record does not show it, these girls had tremendous growth as the season progressed with many close games versus top competitors in the league. Senior Lexi Gelinas finished 12thin the NCCC league for most points scored in a season. Most of the team will be returning again next year where our goal will be to make the state tournament!

The JV girls team finished the season with 12 straight wins and the freshman team went 2-0.


By Coach Mendrala

The East Granby Boys and Girls Indoor Track team wrapped up its season at the NCCC Championships on February 3rd in New Haven. The team was lead by Senior Captain Lauren Stout who placed 4th in the 55 and 6th in the High Jump. Other contributors were Brittania Tulloch who placed 2nd in the 55, Senior Captain Haley Comstock who placed 13th in the Long Jump and 14th in the 55, Olivia Huerle, 7th in the Shot Put, Kylie Geer in the Long Jump and High Jump, Alex Geer in the Shot Put, Dylan Sheldon, 12th in the Long Jump and 55, and Nate Orkney in the 1600. All of the participants posted season bests at the meet. The 4x200 relay team of Haley Comstock, Lauren Stout, Brittania Tulloch and Vanessa Newman also placed 6th.

The team now will move to the weight room for conditioning and training until the spring sports season begins on March 21st. All winter athletes are invited to attend conditioning and weight training after their seasons have concluded.