Survival Guide For Broome Australia

Jacob Wellmann

I Crash landed in a plane with no food or water i was the only survivor

The plane land in the middle of the deadly Australian Savannah and all i had was a pair of joggers and a jacket on and i was about to face night in a place with deadly crocodiles and rattle snakes.
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I Crashed on the contenint of Australia

This place is hot but thankfully it actually has water a little ways away its pretty much temperate here besides but it is hot in the day and very cold at night.

How to survive In Broome Astralia

Animals and plants

3 animals to eat

The eaziest to kill and eat is the rattle snake kangaroos really cant be eaten but the will harm you crocodiles are the hardest because of the tuff thick skin its almost imposible for a human to kill

3 Plants that can help you

1 is the Jarah tree because of its big leaves for shelter. 2. the Senegal tree is great because it has huge thorns perfect for making spears 3. Burmuda grass is strong and helpful in making shelter
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