WWI Weapons & Technology

1915-18 Ally and Central Power R&D made many innovations.

Browning M1917 Belt Fed, Water Cooled Heavy Machine Gun

The Browning Model 1917 is categorize as a Heavy Machine Gun in WWI. The M1917 was crafted from Famous American gunsmith John Moses Browning. The Browning got accepted for the A.E.F for being capable of firing over 20,000 rounds of ammunition with a single malfunction. The Browning M1917 is used like any other Heavy MG, used in trenches and fitted with a bi-pod to help with recoil to ease aim for eliminating advancing troops and or suppressing them and utilizing it´s water cooling system , on-field reports said the Browning M1917 is very reliable under enemy fire and having a great rate of fire, making it ideal for suppressing enemies.

The Browning M1917 has two innovations for it´s weapon class that its inventor implemented, those two being a Water Cooling system and Recoil operation.

Water Cooling System- A water filled jacket that is fitted around the barrel, this jacket help dissipate heat generated around the barrel, but this was encumbering since it needed to be refilled when the water jacket was depleted.

Recoil Operation- The operation within the m1917 was meant to take advantage of recoil force by expanding the powder gasses with each shot. This decreased the time needed for the bolt to be readied again to fire another shot, thus increasing its rate of fire.

Sadly, only a fraction of Browning M1917´s were shipped with american forces shipped to Europe.

(Information acquired from http://www.militaryfactory.com/smallarms/detail.asp?smallarms_id=265 and summerized by Angle L Tollen

Browning M1917 Heavy Machine Gun pictures

Picture acquired from Militaryfactory.com