Teacher aid on using creativity to build critical thinking

The Big Five on Creativity

  1. Stimulate al parts of the brain.
  2. Guide students through the thinking process.
  3. Group students according to their learning styles.
  4. Allow students to create questions for a quiz or test.
  5. Positive reinforcement...even for incorrect answers.

Borrowed Idea: Create a classroom that is safe for students to vocalize their ideas.

The Big Five on Critical Thinking

  1. Repeat for duplicate results. Helps students to build trust and self-confidence in their work.
  2. Relate real world experiences to the topic.
  3. Build on prior knowledge through word association and KW charts.
  4. Debate...debate...debate. Let students debate in groups and make sure they support their rationale with evidence.
  5. Reflect on the learning in a journal.

Borrowed Idea: Give group assignments requiring them to solve a problem.