Sahara desert

by Julia Gehl

what is it?

the Sahara is a desert that formed by rocks crashing in to other rocks and it turned in tiny grains of sand. to Now all the eye sees is sand.

Natural resources

Some of the natural resources are

flowers, and cactuses. People can

get food from cactuses. cactuses

have played a big role in the desert!

a big wealth is hidden beneath the


maps and images

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There are a lot of animals that live in the Sahara.

The animals are, gazelles, birds, snakes, gerbils,

and small foxes search for food in the night when

it is colder.

Fun facts

The Sahara stretches from the Atlantic ocean

from the west of the Red Sea. In the Sahara

sand storms are common. People say they

hear it sing. It is an ecosystem filled with life!