La Jasette 2015-16

Chat en français when, where and how you choose!

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

A 'jasette' is a 'chat' in English and 'jaser' is what we do for ONE HOUR a month!

In La Jasette French conversation groups, all proficiency and comfort levels are welcomed and all will feel successful.

Si simple!

Would you like to practice your oral French with other adults, but cannot commit to a monthly after school time to do so?

Bonnes nouvelles! This year, La Jasette participants will decide:

  • where, (ex., school, coffee shop, from home, etc.),
  • when, (ex., once/month for 1 hour, twice/month for 30 min, or four times/month for 15 min), and
  • how, (ex., in person, Google Hangout, Skype or Facetime, telephone, or other), they meet to se jaser en français.

These free monthly gatherings offer a chance to practice oral French skills in a casual and relaxing atmosphere with one or two like-minded colleagues.

Pourquoi La Jasette?

Dedicate one hour a month to:

  • use your oral French in a low-stress, casual context with another adult
  • learn an activity that fosters oral communication in any French classroom
  • connect and collaborate with colleagues

Consider making La Jasette part of your personal or professional growth plan this year.

Essayez la Jasette!

  • Commit to one hour per month of FRENCH conversation with 1 or 2 colleagues from October to June.
  • Then, fill in this form. Choose your own partner(s) or we will match you with one.

  • You can join at any time!
  • Then come to the La Jasette Kick-Off event on November 13. Supply teacher costs are covered for up to 20 people! Register here.

For more details, contact Michelle De Abreu, consultant at

La Jasette: Jasons ensemble!