Bill Cosby Remarks

Speech Analysis by Mileena Griffin


Bill Cosby uses religion as a way to convince others to believe and understand what he's saying. He talks about God and how people want things but don't work to get it.

"God is tired of you. God was there when they won all those cases - 50 in a row. That's where God was because these people were doing something."

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He makes his listeners & readers feel that these days, there is no real parenting going on. That parents don't pay any attention to their child and have no idea with what's going on in their lives. And why can't parents teach their sons and daughters the difference between what's wrong or right.

"I’m talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was two? Where were you when he was twelve? Where were you when he was eighteen, and how come you don’t know he had a pistol?"

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Bill gives an example as to why people should be more responsible (parents in general). He explains that it's a person's action and what they do that affects them from reaching their goals instead of looking at what they aren't doing to reach them.

"I heard a prize fight manager say to his fellow who was losing badly, 'David, listen to me. It’s not what’s he’s doing to you. It’s what you’re not doing.'"