Moffatt's Memo

February 15-19

A Peek at Next Week

Writing - After finishing poem publishing, writers will begin writing about topics they feel they are experts on. Listing, elaborating, and writing all about the things they know a lot about. This writing will develop into an informative paper.

Reading - Readers will revisit main idea and summary this week, practicing and learning more about them. Students will work on choosing the best summary for books we have read.

Math - Students will work all week on the additive and multiplicative operations using number pairs in a table. We will also do a lot of problem solving using all operations in multiple step word problems.

Science - Objects in the Sky - Learning about the size of objects in the sky, how the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun.

Social Studies - "How People Improve Our Community" - We will continue this unit, learning about people whose public virtue has improved communities around the country.

Roadrunner Review

This is the Ross SMORE, which includes Mrs. Mooney's message, important information going on at school, and important dates for the month.

At The Hop Carnival

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 11am-3pm

2401 West Main Street

League City, TX

It's going to be fun! I hope you can come!

Grand Prize Tickets: 7 grand prize tickets at $5 each were sent home Thursday February 11th. Please return stubs and the money in the given envelope by Friday, February 19th. Those who sells all 7 will get a special SPIRIT STICK!! These tickets will still be on sale in the cafeteria the full week prior to carnival and the day of carnival. If the student body works together as a team to sell 1000 grand prize tickets then Mrs. Mooney will get Slimed!! If the student body goes over and above on selling there will be a "mystery slime".

Booth tickets: Pre-sale of booth tickets will begin Friday the 19th for:

$1 each

25 for $20

50 for $40

75 for $60

100 for $80

The week before carnival they are on sale everyday at lunch for this same PRESALE price.

The day of carnival tickets are $1 each.

Plinko - Our Class Carnival Booth

Each class is sponsoring a booth and we have Plinko. I have already made a sign for it, featuring each of our students' smiling faces. Now, I need help manning the booth. Please consider donating an hour of your time to our booth. I need two volunteers for each time slot. The following times are available:

11:00-12:00 2 spots filled!!

12:00-1:00 2 spots filled!!

1:00-2:00 1 spot filled, still need 1 volunteer


Your child is able to work this booth with you, as long as they will be staying with you at the booth the entire time, helping out. So, both slots can be filled in that way.

THANK YOU in advance for donating an hour of your time! Please just email me or go to with your time slot preference and I will update this page to show that it is filled. (If you have already volunteered, I have signed you up under my name and put your name in the memo. I will send out a reminder email to those that replied to me the week of carnival.)

Rockwall Presale Ticket Information

Rockwall PRESALE tickets are $5 each. Please sign up on first come, first serve basis starting Tuesday, February 16. Tickets not on sale at carnival. PRESALE ONLY! Look for this Flyer coming home Tuesday the 16th!
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