CHS Cowboy Express (Bi-Weekly)

November 20, 2015

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Nuts & Bolts


  • Please remember that teachers should be monitoring learner tardies. If a learner has excessive tardies, the teacher must assign a teacher detention on the 3rd tardy. If the problem persists, the teacher should refer the student to his/her assistant principal for each tardy following.


  • Learners must have individual passes when in the hallway.

NEW iCU Hours

The need for support in the iCU has slowed down quite a bit. So, we are going to reduce the iCU hours to only be open during 1st, 4th and 7th periods! This will allow our iTech students time to assist the Technicians with various tasks that have been submitted through Help Desk! Therefore, if you have a student in need of iPad support, please tell them to come between 8 and 9:15 am, 11:15 am and 1 pm, or 2:45 and 4 pm.

Print off and/or Save for Future Reference

Important Info from our Tech Peeps!

  1. WAIT!!! DO NOT update on any Mac devices for new El Capitan operating system when prompted until the district gives us the OK to do so.
  2. To project from your iPad and/or MacBook Air: Click Here

Students of the Month for January- Self Control

Please take about 10 minutes and think of students that have shown self control

This will be due by January 15th. Thank you.


  1. Log into Eduphoria
  2. Click on Formspace
  3. Click on Submit New Form (bottom left corner)
  4. Select General Forms
  5. Select Cowboy Spotlight of the Month

Teacher of the Month for January- Formative Assessment

This will be due by January 8th. Thank you.


  1. Log into Eduphoria
  2. Click on Formspace
  3. Click on Submit New Form (bottom left corner)
  4. Select General Forms
  5. Select Teacher of the Month

Flex Opportunities (Don't Procrastinate with Flex Hours)

Professional Learning Collection

Don't forget to use #PL4CHS to catalog relevant resources for our campus (i.e.: if they see something cool on Twitter!)


Coppell ISD has full access to all of SimpleK12's Google & Mobile Devices Webinars in the Teacher Learning Community, an online global community dedicated to helping educators succeed in their 21st century classrooms. By participating in the Simple K12 webinar, you have the opportunity to request flex credit from your campus.

With your membership you will join teachers across the world (130+ countries) to discover important tips, tricks, and techniques to keep your classroom, and your skills, up-to-date.


Click on the Login Button on the upper right-hand corner

User Name: school email address

Password: coppellisd

[Please note that anyone previously in the system will need to use their original password. If you have forgotten or have problems signing in, click on the Forgot Password button. DO NOT CLICK ON NEW USER BUTTON AND ADD YOURSELF.]

You will be asked to confirm your email, set a display name and edit your profile.

You can change your password on the Profile Edit page and you are ready to go!

To access the content available to you, click on catalog at the top left side of the black menu bar. Click on MY CONTENT > PURCHASED CONTENT to find the Google and Mobile Devices resources that the district has purchased or you.

Find Your Voice Through Blogging

The DLC Team would like to invite you to participate in a new PL experience called ”Find Your Voice Through Blogging."

The course is listed in Euphoria. It begins this week, and runs through April.

Course Description: "Find Your Voice Through Blogging": If you have ever told yourself you want to start a blog someday, this is the challenge for you! Join your DLC team as we embark on a blogging journey that will offer limitless opportunities to establish connections with educators in CISD and around the globe. We will begin by exploring various blogs, and establishing purposes and goals. By the end of this experience, you will find your voice in the blogging community. Depending on your level of involvement, you can earn up to 3 Schoology badges, each resulting in an hour of flex time. The challenge opens on November 16th in the Schoology DLC PL Course. If you are not already in our DLC PL Course in Schoology, join using the course code 72Q87-RDGM5. Please let your DLC know if you have trouble accessing the course. Modules must be completed by April 1st to receive credit for participation. This course will be completed virtually.

Please ask your campus DLC if you have any questions about this, or any of the other DLC PL opportunities.

Family Snapshots!

If you have a family photo to share with your CHS family, please email the photo and some info to Kayla. #CHSWeAreONe
Mandatory- Click here to verify receipt

Must have read & confirmed receipt BY: December 7th