At Long Lash!

Beautycounter mascara is here!

After THREE years of development, Beautycounter launched mascara this week! Everyone's been waiting for this safer mascara that performs like no other!
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Since I started with Beautycounter a couple weeks ago, the first item I wanted to buy was mascara. When I found out they didn't have one yet but it was going to be launched at the beginning of May, I was so excited. And now its here!

What we have launched the other day is a genuine breakthrough. We have a custom designed brush that helps to lengthen and define your lashes as well as a buildable formula that allows you to give a natural or dramatic look, all from the same product.

94% reported instantly defined and lengthened lashes
97% reported that mascara did not flake
94% reported that mascara did not clump
94% reported that mascara multiplied the look of lashes

94% reported that mascara felt weightless on lashes

*Results based on a self-assessment consumer perception study of 32 women, immediately after first application.

Beautycounter's new mascara is literally disrupting the beauty industry. We used beeswax and carnauba wax for texture and structure and a slew of organic oils and butters (like coca, acai, pomegranate and shea) to condition and hydrate lashes. Unlike most nontoxic and safer mascaras, we've finally found a way to create a safer mascara that actually performs!

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Want one of our new mascaras for free? (And who wouldn't??)

Easy! Grab your girls, grab a bottle of wine, grab some of my time...and let's play with the product! I'll gift you a free mascara and you'll earn many other free and half priced items, and your friends leave knowing a little more than they did when they got there, and you may too! I'm currently filling my May and June calendar so grab an hour and a half for some wine and to try some beautiful products. Lets chat!

Amber Mayer - Consultant