Mission Possible

Lets make everyone in the world be happy and glad to be here

Mission Possible

Mission possible is something that makes everybody in the world feel great. By doing an act of kindness every day to somebody you ususally don't get along with. Or someone you get along with all the time. Now this way you can make everyone feel respected.

Heres Some Acts of Kindness


If you have a person in your life you love you can do something for them. Like:

-Do something that they want to do

-Do something for a surprise for them

-Write them a secret note to them and leave it at there door step

Anything that is nice for your love make it work.


If you want to do something for your friends I think it would be awesome. Here are some ideas for things to do:

-Write them a note and say why you and them are good friends

-Draw them a picture of you and them or stuff like that

-Offer to take them somewhere


I would do something very nice for your siblings. If you fight with your siblings you definetly need to do a act of kindness to them.

-Cleaning there room would be nice

-Doing some of their chores would be really nice

-Try not to fight with them


It would be an awesome thing to do for your parents. Because they gave birth to you anyway. You can :

-You can have a nice breakfast with them

-Just be good company to them

Hope You do Acts of Kindness

Thank You For Reading

Thanks for reading this flyer,and I hope you make some acts of kindness. I got this idea from my teacher. One day she said to the class that we were going to start a mission called "Mission Possible" not mission impossible. She gave us a sheet of paper that showed the five days of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And I wrote down the people I was going to do the act of kindness to and I started right away. Thats why I made this flyer. This flyer was made by A'Nyah Wray