Native Americans

By Michael Daley

The Indians were people who hunt on buffalo and travel with them so they will never run out of food. But one day the whites came along and stole their land and sent the to the reservoirs so they could go mining in the black hills and gather all of the gold that they could get. The white government didn’t really care about the Indians or why they travel with the buffalo and they didn’t care about their religion or that the buffalo shouldn’t be killed as fast so that they wouldn’t become extinct. After a while of the whites moving the Indians they were put on a piece of land so they could make crops. The Indians didn’t like that so they declined and said that they want to stay with the buffalo. When the whites heard about this they didn’t like it so they started to make the Indians give up their weapons and their religion and join the colonies. The chiefs were not allowed to have higher roles than the rest of the Indians so they were made to fend for themselves.

The Indians got into a battle with the whites and the Indians had to flee to Canada because the whites had the advantage of cannons. When the Indians got to Canada they were greeted by them and they were given food and blankets for the harsh winters that they have. They also told them the rules of Canada and what they can hunt/ where they can hunt. But later some of the Indians had stolen some horses from the crows and the chief didn’t know about that. The Canadians came back with some Indians from another tribe that says they stole from the crows and so they searched the horses and found some of the crows horses. The Chief, Standing Bull took it upon himself to punish the ones who stole the horses. And so he took a whip from the Canadian and wiped the two Indians that did it.