Our Taste Test

The results of what water people liked best


We decided to do our test on water, and which students liked the best. Our question was, “If a group of seventh grade students were given the choice between Dasani, Fiji, or Ice Mountain which water would they choose?” We decided to make a preference taste test of the three waters.


For our research we had to find some things about the product like who is the company who founded the product, the website, the address, the slogan and the ingredients. We found that Fiji is it’s own company, Dasani is a branch of Coca-Cola, and Ice Mountain is a branch of Nestle. All of the water’s had the same main ingredient: Water. Dasani had questionable ingredients in the water, some of which were lethal in large amounts. Ice Mountain first started in 1987, the earliest of all the waters we tested. Fiji started in 1996, where as Dasani started in 1999, making it the most recent of the three brands.


We found a website that rated different brands of water, which stated Fiji was listed as #1. This website has votes from people all around the world. Our hypothesis was: “If people are given the choice between Ice Mountain, Dasani, and Fiji, then they will choose Fiji because ‘its the best in the world.’” We said it’s the best in the world since it was voted to be, and the website had people voting all around the world.


We performed our experiment during our lunch period, and everything went very smoothly, except for a little spilt water.

We used:

  • Fiji water (2 bottles)
  • Ice mountain (half a milk jug)
  • Dasani (3 bottles)
  • 150 paper dixie cups

We followed this procedure very closely
  1. Divide 150 cups into 3 groups of 50 (Group A, B, and C)
  2. Pour Fiji into Group A of the dixie cups until ½ full
  3. Pour Dasani into Group B of the dixie cups until ½ full
  4. Pour Ice Mountain into Group C of the dixie cups until ½ full
  5. Use Randomizer to put cups in order for kids to try
  6. After deciding their favorite, we write down their gender and what number they chose.
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all kids have done the test.
  8. Clean up


During our 7th grade lunch, we offered a water preference taste test. On our randomizer, we documented their gender, and the number of their preference. We analyzed the results and summarized it in the following graphs:

  • Water Preference
  • Male Water Preference
  • Female Water Preference
  • Test Subjects (how many of them were female/male)
  • Fiji Preference
  • Dasani Preference
  • Ice Mountain Preference
The data shows that most of the 7th graders choose Ice mountain, second place went to Fiji, third place to Dasani. The results were very close.


Our data rejected our hypothesis, as we predicted that Fiji would win since it is the most expensive and claims to be “The Best.” The reason our data rejected our hypothesis was because more kids chose Ice mountain over Fiji. 24 kids picked Ice Mountain, where as only 20 picked Fiji. The only error we made was that the waters were not at the same temperature. We did manage to get them closer in temperature by putting them in a closed bag for four hours. A suggestion we would have to future groups is make sure you check your variables, and make sure you know all of them. Also, try not to lose your planning packet, because it made us one day behind everyone else. We would also suggest to use plastic cups versus paper cups. The only new question we have is why people kept saying our water tasted like “Powder,” “Paper Cups,” and most of all, “Cardboard.” We can only assume that it is because of the Dixie cups we used or the bottles that the water was packaged in.

The Waters for the Test

Some Pictures from Test Day

What males preferred

What females preferred

Overall Total