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By: Emerson Tyler

What are global warming and global climate change?

global warming and global climate change are, the reason that the earth is getting warmer the average temperature has risen about 1.4*F in the last centery and is predicted to grow another two degrees by next year.

What is the fundamental cause of these problems?

The cause of these problems are, to much CO2. The CO2 is transmitted when humans burn fossil fuels like natural gasses also methane is a big part of it which can be transmitted by flagrance. The reason these cause global warming is because the trap the heat transmitted by the sun and make some of them stay in our atmosphere.

What are some consequences of global climate change?

Some consequences are, the polar bears. because of global climate change the ice is melting, with the ice melting the polar bears are loosing the habitat and hunting ground. The polar bears are moving to the peoples land and looking for food. Also the heat is rising so over who knows how long the weather could get quite warm.
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What are specific actions a middle schooler can take to help reduce their carbon emissions?

specific actions middle schoolers could do to reduce carbon emissions are, for one stop passing gas. Also the could cut down on the use of electronics, and turn off the lights when they leave a room.
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