The Netherlands

By : Alisha Kumar

Netherland flag

The flag's colors are red, white, and blue

The flag was officaly adopted on February 19,1937

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Sinkertklass is a special holiday for Netherland and the rest of Europe and is celebrated

Every December 5. A special shoe is worn by most people on the holiday which is called a Klomper. People also just wear it for just fun sometimes.

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Most people in Netherland like to eat simlar types of food like

Scrambled egg , vegetable soup , Toast with jelly.


In Netherland they speak Dutch and here are a few words

1. Hallo /hello



Art music and dance

There is a street painter named Vincent Van Gogh

who is not very famous but sells his paintings which gave him money

to get the basic needs. Music there national anthem is called William of Nassque

And was adopted in 1932 it was based on French soldiers.Dance folk dancing

Is a special dance that is celebrated during ceremonies and other celebrations


A quarter of Netherland is Roman Catholic it has a small percentage of Muslim

And other people from around the world

Additional interesting facts

Here is there national symbol it is called coat of arm and

Was created when the kingdom was found

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Dutch kids dancing in Keukenhof




Netherlands by Ann Heinrichs