Mrs. Broadnax's Bulletin

November 11, 2013

Language Arts



How do I make inferences about a story? How do I use evidence to back up my inferences? How can different points of view of the same event change our feelings and thoughts about the event? How do I analyze a character? How can a character be persuasive and how does this affect the other characters?


What are nonfiction text features? How does an author use nonfiction text features to teach us about a subject (and how can we use this in our own writing)? What are facts and what are opinions? How do I use context clues to understand unknown vocabulary?


How do I write an informational piece?

Craft lessons- Describing the setting and using strong verbs


How do I use commas in a series? How do I use commas in compound sentences? How do I use commas with a transition word at the beginning of the sentence? How do I use commas before a dependent clause?

What are conjunctions?









Word Study

Greek and Latin Roots - Summative on these three roots and week 7-9 spelling words. A study guide will come home Monday.

in/im= in, on, into

inhabit- live in

inspect- look in

imprison- in prison

import- carry in

input- put in

com/col= with, together

collide- slide together

collect- gather together

combine- put things together

compete- to play with others in a game or sport

compress- press together

de = down, off of

defrost- take the frost off of

declaw- take the claws off of

depress- press down

deflate- take the air down or out of

descend- go down



How do I multiply 1 digit numbers by 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers? How do I find partial products? How do I use the distributive property to multiply? How do I make models of multiplication sentences?

We will be using many different strategies to learn multiplication of larger numbers. Please remember that there is not only one correct way. Students are excited to teach you the new strategies they are learning. Let them teach YOU!

Students need to study their multiplication facts nightly. Thanks!

TEST ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 13 FOR WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED SO FAR IN MULTIPLICATION (drawing arrays, the distributive property, and partial products for multiplying 2-4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers).

COMING SOON- 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication


Solar System

*Compare and contrast stars, star patterns, and planets.

*Model the position and motion of the earth and the phases of the moon.

*Understand how the earth’s rotation and position affect the seasons and day and night.

Social Studies

The Thirteen Colonies

Colonial America:

*How did geography impact the colonists?

*How did the lives of people in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies differ?

*How did the colonists use bartering, and voluntary exchange to meet their needs?

COMING SOON- 4th grade's annual Colonial Days

Upcoming Tests

Math- Multiplication Test- Wednesday, Nov. 13th.

Word Study- in, im, de, com, col quiz Friday, November 15th.

Grammar- Comma Usage - Tuesday, November 19th.

Classroom News


We will be in need of glue sticks very soon and we need bandaids if anyone is willing to donate them.

Thanks you to those who sent in some of their leftover Halloween candy- if you have some that you'd like to send in, or see it at a discounted rate, we could definitely use it!!


PE Days



Important Dates

Nov. 24-29- No School- Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, Nov. 14 - Fall Picture Make Ups;

Monday, Nov. 18- Art Orders Due

Tuesday, Nov. 19- Zaxby's Night

Thursday, Nov. 21- Cafeteria Thanksgiving Feast

Friday, Nov. 22- Cafeteria Thanksgiving Feast

Art News

We are busy getting our projects completed for the Art fundraiser program, Original Works. Original Works is a program that takes student artwork and prints it onto different items such as phone cases (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5C, and Galaxy S3 and S4), t-shirts, sketchbooks, stationary, and coffee mugs to name a few. Packets will be sent home with the students that have all the information. This is a program that will help raise money for the Art department here at Craig. The plan is to use the money raised to buy equipment that will enhance student learning through technology. I would love to get a smart board, digital cameras, and tablets for the students to use.

Each grade level is working on a different project around the theme, Folk Art. For Kindergarten, we read the book, Rumble in the Jungle, and each class is completing a different jungle animal, Folk Art style. First Grade created Crazy Cats. Cats are a recurring theme in Art throughout history, and we jazzed our cats up by adding line and shape details. Second grade is creating folk art houses. We designed papers that we will use to create house collage. The third graders have created Folky Owl collages using construction paper and colored pencils. The fourth graders are working to complete Folk Art neighborhoods, and the fifth graders are finishing Folk Art cities that they designed themselves. Both fourth and fifth grades used markers and colored pencils to complete their projects. The students have worked really hard to create some amazing art, so be on the lookout.