The green banana

delicous and been around longer then you think!

Persea Americana

The avocado, alligator pear or scientiffilcy know as the persea americana is part of the lauraceae family. Originating in north america, the oldest avocado artifact dates back to 10,000 bc found in Puebla, Mexico. This is probably why mexico grow triple the amount then any other country. Also because this fruit is full of nutrients and eaten in many different ways. In fact, avocados have 33% more potassium then bananas!

The "Hass"

Created in la Habra Heights, California,1935. By a man named Rudolf Hass. Avocado trees usually can't die at freezing temperatures. But, the hass could withstand colder tempatures. Since avocados grow year around this produced bigger for fertile trees. Effectively taking over the avocado scence by covering more then 80% of America's avocado production.

there are lots of unique ways to eat avocado. People eat the fruit of the avocado tree. but usually skin it first and always dispose of the giant seed on the middle

Avocado growing can be done right inside your house! All you need is toothpicks, water, and a avocado. If you click the think above you can watch a in deph video of how to grow a avocado plant from seed. Thanks to mitchell boyle


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