Big E

The Lowdown

About The Band

Big E born Holland Michigan Playing Guitar since the age of 9 years old, always giving 100% in every show loving the crowed and the music. Sing and plays guitar performing great hit songs and originals by Big E. Big E has performed in Holland, MI, Grand Rapids MI, Chicago, East St. Luis, Detroit, Birmingham Alabama, Dallas TX, Fortworth TX, Arllington TX, Houston TX, Galveston TX, Freeport TX,

Romeo Delyon Bass and backing vocals keeping the timing and giving a great low end to there live performance. playing for many years in texas.

Byron Ryena Drummer backing vocals another big part of the Lowdown Byron and Romeo have performed together for many years that is a plus to the Backbone of Big E & The Lowdown.

Bobby Doyle Harp Backing Vocals his harp playing is hypnotizing the fills the blues playing is a must see.

The Dru Key Keyboardist bring a nice classy taste to the Lowdown

Big E & The Lowdown

Originals By Big E

Blame Me Baby

Dirty Road

I Told You So

Thick N Thin

Get you rich baby

Child Support Blues

Alley Kat

What The Blues Is