Kindergarten Kreations


Happy New Year!



Our first week back and we are diving into Non-Fiction texts. This week we read and discussed Polar Bears. We are learning why readers read non-fiction texts and the text features that help us to gather new information. (Table of Contents, Headings, Bold Print, Glossary, Index...).


Letter Name, Sounds, and Writing

We are working on the "TH" sound. Next week we will be learning the "WH".


Adding and Decomposing Numbers to 5

We have started to add. We are working on understanding that adding is taking different objects and putting them together to come up with a total. We are also beginning to talk about our math, our thinking, and explaining to our math partner how we solved a problem. In common core, mathematicians must be able to show and explain their thinking. In kindergarten we do this with drawings, objects and talking to our partners.

Math Tool Boxes

We have Math Tool boxes, which we will fill with many different tools that we can use to help us solve our equations. This week we worked with our Math Beads. These beads are pretty cool. The first day I gave the kiddos the beads, I just told them to count to see how many beads there are. Some counted by ones, some actually realized that each color had ten beads and they decided to count by tens! That was very exciting!



We have started writing Non-Fiction/Informational pieces. In Kindergarten we write "How To" books, which are books on teaching the reader how to do something. For example: How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.


Testing This Week

We are testing on Star Early Lit. and Letter Name/Letter Sound Fluency on Thursday. I will also begin my assessments for Sight Words, Reading Levels and Math.