WMS Weekly Mission

We Learn. We Lead. We Succeed


Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my 40th birthday absolutely wonderful. I spent time on Saturday morning reading the sweet notes and opening gifts. I just want you to know that it brought so much joy to my heart. Some notes made me laugh out loud, some made me flash back on past years of my life, and some brought tears of sweet joy. I am so blessed to work with such amazing people. I wish everyone in the world worked in a place that made them feel the way you made me feel on Friday. Thank you for a very special day it was more than I deserve!

Weekly Events

Monday, September 28th
  • Amelia and Amy will be out part of the day 12:00-2:00

  • Faculty Meeting in the library after school - all staff attend please

  • Leadership Meeting in the library following faculty meeting

  • Volleyball @ Home vs Marshfield

Tuesday, September 29th
  • 8th grade field trip to MSU/OTC/Drury
  • Leslie is out all day
  • Tutoring after school in the library
  • Washington DC Meeting @ 6:30pm

Wednesday, September 30th
  • PDP and SLO due - Amelia and I will set up individual meetings to review starting next week
  • Amy will be out part of the day at ATeam
  • OHHS Club meeting after school in Mrs. Loveland's room

Thursday, October 1st
  • Tutoring after school in the library
  • No Drama club - SLT workshop instead
  • Football 7th @ Lebanon and 8th @ home
  • Volleyball @ Ozark
  • Cross Country @ Willard

Friday, October 2nd
  • Custodial Appreciation day - Wow do they deserve an appreciation day!

Saturday, October 3rd

  • 7th grade Volleyball @ Marshfield