Adolf Hitler

Joshua David Stephenson Academic 3

Many people where killed or wounded during world war 2. Hitler was the dictator of Germany and was the man who started world war 2. He attacked many countries. He said he would stop if he got supplies but when he got it he made more war machines and expanded his army. that is basically how world war 2 was started

Hitler also started a thing called the holocaust. that was where he put Jews in concentration camps to die. Millions of Jewish people died there. Since Germans hated Jews at that time that is what they did to them. So Hitler started 2 really bad things that killed millions of people.

After Germany took over Poland France and United Kingdom declared war. They where named the allies with everyone else that joined them and Germany was named the axis with everyone else who joined them. Hitler attacked many countries that where not even in the war. He said he would attack anyone that was not on his side. But the turning point was when the allies attacked Germany from 2 sides. That day was known as D day when the axis lost the war.