The Renaissance


The change

Before the renaissance there was the dark ages. During the dark ages people were illiterate. They also were more focused on surviving ,so they didn't have time to learn. There was no stability besides the church, but then there was a rebirth!

The renaissance was new life because people now had the freedom to pursue studies. This allowed them to develop economies, political structure, and culture. Thus causing, artists, musicians, writers, and architects to emerge. These were the people who dedicated work to their city and community.

Furthermore their was a group which were known as humanists. Humanists believe classical texts and education could improve individuals as well as society.Though there biggest concept was understanding Greek and roman culture. Also during this time period while education was the rising successor, people implemented improved quality to Latin writing and lessons of the past in the present.

How it impacted society

The renaissance impacted society in a great way because it allowed great thinkers to emerge such as Leonardo Da Vinci,Erasmus, and Petrarch. These great minds were known as renaissance men, which is someone who is accomplished and successful in several fields. This set a new standard for success in society. People were more dedicated to becoming educated. An the quality of life improved significantly. Students who were trying to get a good education now had to learn Latin and Greek, so the expectations were higher. Additionally, with more free time on people's hands people used their imagination. Making creativity of the renaissance the sole purpose of it being so infectiously known.

People associated with the change

How change evidenced in today's society

The renaissance's impact still lives on in our society. For example, school curriculum is based on classical languages and literature. Also , the writing of history based on facts began with renaissance historians. This shows that, the renaissance helped shape our society. Additionally, it laid the foundation for modern science. As an example, science advanced when humanists discovered and spread ancient works on math, medicine, and other studies. One can postulate that the practices and discoveries of the renaissance were beneficial to today's society. Ultimately ,the impact was very extravagant.