Plant and Animal cells

By Maggie Science

Plants Cell

A Plants cell is covered in cell wall and cell membrane. Every different cell has it's own job. Each cell has a nucleus, a chloroplast and all other kinds of things. and they all support the plant to make it health and green.

Animal Cell

An Animal cell don't have a cell wall because animals have skeletons, but plants need cell wall to keep them up and straight. Animal cells have cell membrane around them. Same as the plant cell, the animal cell has a nucleus which contains DNA. There's all different kinds of cells in the animals' body. Nerve cells, fat cells, and muscle cells.

The difference between a plant cell and an animal cell

An animal cell doesn't have a cell wall around but a plant cell does

An animal don't need the chloroplast to keep them green

An animal cell can be all shapes but a plant cell is mainly square shaped

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