By: Kolby Betzler

Use reusable cups, bowls, and utensils.

If you use solo cups, styrofoam bowls, and plastic utensils, you are hurting the environment by throwing them away. They go to a dump and rot, or possibly get burnt. by reusing, you can prevent hurting the economy by burning them and creating carbon monoxide.

Use an Eco-friendly refrigerator.

By using an eco-friendly refrigerator, you can prevent fumes released from refrigerator into the air and creating damage to the eco-system. eco-friendly refrigerators also last longer than normal refrigerators, because they aren't using as much electricity, and they don't clog up easily

Top brands of eco-friendly refrigerators

Alot of people use plastic utensils, which is wrong.

People that use plastic utensils need to learn the dangers of them.

Plastic is not eco-friendly, unless it is recycled.