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M Powerment Strategies


Teachers design engaging lessons with a variety of instructional strategies, a focus on academic achievement, and an effective use of instructional time, resources and personnel.

What that looks like at South:

Title I Push-in

EC Support Staff

ELL Push-in, Pull-out

Data Walls


STAR Tutoring

Morning Meetings

Small Groups

Parent Tutoring

Click here if you want to know more about the M Powerment Strategies.

Top 10 Tool Focus

Common Sense Media

Reviews and ratings, teaching strategies, digital citizenship and literacy for students


Online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons

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Featured S.O.S - Shake It Up Baby

Shake It Up Baby is a teaching strategy that helps to engage students on a kinesthetic level. Students analyze the main points in a song and represent them through movement and dance.

Discovery Ed's Super Bowl Resources

Yes. The Super Bowl is over. However, here is a video through Discovery Ed. featuring some players from both teams and representatives from the American Heart Association. (Remember? We wore red last Friday to show our support for the AHA.) These folks share how to get active and stay heart healthy. The link is below.

Need help or want a sounding board for ideas? Check us out!

Lauren and Susan are available to help you in any way. If you would like to learn a new tool or just brush up on one you've used before, check us out. If you would like help with a project in your classroom, check us out. If you would like us to meet and plan with you, check us out. Following are some things with which we can help.

Instructional Rounds / Visit Classrooms

Co-planning / Lesson Brainstorming

Co-teach Class / Model Lesson

Tech Tools / Integration

Anything Google


Instructional Strategies

Curriculum Resources / Planning / Implementation

Professional Development / Learning Resources

1:1 BTNT Coaching Session

Vent / Chat Session


Citing Sources

Common Sense Media

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