October 2016

STEM Lab Schedule Starts NEXT Week!

Hey everyone. The STEM lab is ready for you and your kiddos. I am pretty sure I would have a riot on my hands if these kids don't get in there soon! The Littlebits have a new organization system which will hopefully make it easier to clean up and make sure everything is there. I can also go in with your class the first time and walk them through it. Just book me for your STEM lab time or we can find an open time to go in together.

Click here for the Sun Terrace STEM Lab Schedule. Printable version link on bottom.

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Boring but necessary =(

Unless you book me for your time in the lab you are on your own with your class. Once our TECH Squad (formerly MOUSE Squad) is up and running you can request them to come in and assist. We will be training them in how to troubleshoot in the lab. Your grade level reps have the key to the closet with all the tools. Please lock everything back up when you leave. If something needs to be charged please charge it then make sure it is locked back up before the end of the day.

Some ideas to make your time in there run as smoothly as possible:

  • Allow about 10 minutes for clean up the first couple of times in the lab.
  • Only take out a few different items and rotate things that take time to clean up like the littlebits and cubelets.
  • Littlebits are the most troublesome to put away. There is a new "tackle box" for each kit (4) that you will take out for your class. There are pictures and directions that make it very clear how to clean up.
  • Double check that things are charged and if they aren't plug them in and charge them for the next person.
  • The spheros need to be charged all of the time. They don't have a very long battery life so you may want to alternate dash and sphero.
  • The Nabi tablets also don't hold a charge well so will need to be charged often. Ipads work with dash and sphero but there are only 4 ipads in the lab.
  • Spheros and the ipads are in the rolling cabinet under the whiteboard. Put them back in the cabinet when you are done.
  • Clean up everything and leave the room as you found it. The next person will take out what they want to use for their class.
  • If you find something missing let Kris know immediately.

Fun Stuff!

Global Cardboard Challenge Day is October 1st!

Global Cardboard Challenge Day is October 1st! You could celebrate with your own cardboard challenge in the STEM lab. Kick off the year with the Caine's arcade video and a cardboard challenge to get those inventor brains thinking. All you need is some cardboard, masking tape, other household items and a LOT of imagination.
Caine's Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement
As always feel free to email, text or catch me at school =) Please use the link below to book me to assist you with whatever you need. If the times are green it means I'm free!

=) Karly