8th Grade ELA Syllabus

Join our class everyday during 4th period

Grammar and Writing

We spend the first couple of weeks reviewing the 8 parts of speech and how each functions. Then we get into a lot of writing. Much of the year is spent writing and using parts of speech correctly because by this time you get it.

Every day during 4th period in the English room

Review. Review. Review.....and a lot more sentence writing. Please come prepared every day to class. Bring pens, pencils, paper and great attitudes and you'll succeed! I love this class and I think we get along really well! (but no one's perfect either)

Our instructor: Mrs. Kichnet

Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun!

Frequently asked Questions:

Will I have to review the 8 parts of speech and how each functions? YES

Will it be hard to remember? It can be hard and confusing at times, but we work at it. You'll get it.

Will I get to make up some of my own writing? YES all the time!

Will there be tests and quizzes? YES, but we practice doing those too.

Will we display our work? You will display a lot more work this year. Down by the math room is a good place.

We are English Language Arts Buddies

I stay after school everyday for at least 2 hours. Please come in for extra help. Call me if you need help anytime of day, any day at my house. See phone number.

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