The World of Models

The world we know shrunk into plastic

What Is a Model?

A model is like a smaller or bigger object like earth or the solar system. It can show an object, event, or an idea. There are a lot of different types of models. Models help with many things. They can help you realize what your looking at, they can help you make a big version of what your building so you don't have to spend so much money on a microscope, they help scientist in a big way they help scientist by help them view things that they can't view yet in person, you can also make a smaller version of something like the solar system.

Types of Models

There are physical models. They are 3-dimensional that are realistic but not actual size. There are also models called terrariums. A terrarium is a model of a natural habitat that contains living and nonliving things. A three-dimensional model takes up space like the thing it represents. A diorama is a 3-D model that shows a scene from an event or a place.

Models In Science & Engineering

Scientists use models to picture things that are scientific, like the galaxy or the solar system. Engineers also use models to help them picture what they're making or whatever they're working on. Engineers use models to make cars, rockets, and stuff like that.

Making and Using Models

There are a bunch of models that you can make or use. Not all models are used for studying believe it or not some are just used for decoration. Here is a example: a terrarium is a type of model that shows a natural habitat that contains living and nonliving things. Models can be made out of just about anything. Here are some examples silver, metal, gold, popsicle sticks, and just about anything.

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