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Happy Halloween!

Dear 5C Families,

Thank you for making today such a great, fun day. All of the children looked fantastic and were beyond happy. The students spent their day celebrating and learning with Halloween Fun. Thanks to our awesome PTA (who gave us all of the pumpkins); we were able to design a pumpkin experiment, select parameters to investigate, collect data and then determine that the smaller pumpkins have the most seeds! To quote one of our classmates, "don't under estimate the little guy." We also made halloween towers, completing yet another fun, STEM Challenge.

If you want to see more of our fun pictures in school, I have found a way to share in a safe and secure way. In order to access them, go to our 5C Writing class in Google classroom and fill in our class code. I have posted our pictures there for all to enjoy. I also have some great pictures from our field trip to Crystal Caves and a funny video of the kids rolling down the hill. Fun memories indeed!

I want to extend some special thank yous to Mr. and Mrs. Bentz and Mrs. Deiter. You were a huge part of the day's success. I also want to thank all of the other parents who made ghost bananas, clementine pumpkins, boo pops, yummy pretzels and water. Everything was truly enjoyed!! Thank you also to all of our parents who chaperoned our trip to Crystal caves, braving the long drive with us. We are lucky to have such supportive parents.

And because of all of the fun - we will send home Friday folders next Wednesday.

Have a great Halloween,

Dawn Campiglia

New to Reading Workshop

Join us on Whooo's Reading: https://www.learn2earn.org/login

Check out your students progress. You can see which books we are reading, our reading stamina and some of our great responses. As we read, we earn points and customize avatars. We love to make reading fun!

Students are expected to read their independent books every night for 20 minutes. We now have a digital reading log that we must complete every night, please help add this to our homework routine. All students must read 6 books per marking period.

As a reminder:

You can access Journeys - online

Students can access Journeys materials online by following the steps below:

1. Go to http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com

2. Select state, district, school.

3. Type in your username and log in.

You can check out your student's progress and test scores at any time. In Nov. we will begin working on skills with Unit 1, lesson 4 in the first week.

You can also access all of our weekly assignments and schedules for Reading Workshop on Edmodo.com.

In addition to our Independent Reading books, here are some other books we are reading:

Math Unit 3

Chapter 3 Practice

Measuring with a Protractor


I have attached links an optional Math review. The answer key follows. Good luck and keep studying!

Click to open


The 5C College Bowl

Important Notes

Next week's Schedule:

Monday, 11/2 - 12:30 Dismissal - Evening Conferences
Tuesday, 11/3 - Schools are Closed - Teacher In-Service
Wednesday, 11/4 - 12:30 Dismissal - Afternoon Conferences

Thursday, 11/5 - Schools closed

Friday, 11/6 - Schools closed

Where do I find their homework?

Check out all assignments on our website calendar, I also post all assignments on Edmodo.

Remember - You are Important!