O2 Designer Presentation!

Mastering the Art of Show

Presentation of O2 Products:

  1. Don't use cue cards or notes. Be sincere in your approach to each party.
  2. Point out our O2 or Origami Owl "Owl" marking on our Products.
  3. Exceptional price point and options for Every Budget and Style.
  4. Discuss what our products are made of:
  • Our Charms, Chains and Lockets are Lead and Nickle FREE.
  • Our O2 Charms are Hand Painted by skilled artisans.
  • Living Lockets are Stainless Steel Metal. Gold is 18K (Gold or Rose) Plated.
  • Crystal Living Lockets are Swarovski Crystal encased.
  • O2 Dangles are all Silver/Gold Plated and Nickle Free.
  • 18K Chains are Copper Based
  • Tagged Line Necklaces: Faceted Ball and Classic Ball Chains are Copper Based with Rhodium overlay (this overlay is Platinum Based).
  • O2 (Lobster) Clasps are Stainless Steel and dipped in 925-SS or 18K.
  • TAGS are Pewter and are hypoallergenic.
  • Fortune Cookie (pinch pouches) are made from recycled Japanese Kimonos!