Advisor Update June 2016

SkillsUSA Michigan

This newsletter contains both the final Advisor Update and the SkillsUSA Flash for this year!

Final Advisor Update

This is the final Advisor Update for the school year. Thanks to everyone for making it a great year for SkillsUSA Michigan! See you all in September.

2015-2016 Final Membership Numbers

The final 2015-2016 SkillsUSA Michigan membership total is 4,568, a decrease of 4.7% from last year.

National Leadership and Skills Conference

There are 214 participants from 39 schools that will be representing SkillsUSA

Michigan at the National Leadership and Skills Conference from June 20-25, 2016 in Louisville, KY. Good luck to all the contestants! Make Michigan proud!

SkillsUSA Flash

Did Your SkillsUSA Members Win Big in 2016? Get the Word Out!

Your chapter has had an incredible year: achieved recognition on the local, district and state levels, participated in community service and so much more. Ensure that your chapter receives the recognition it deserves by submitting an article and pictures to local news outlets. SkillsUSA has a system that makes creating and submitting press releases a breeze. There is even a preloaded State Leadership and Skills Conference template ready to be personalized. The system is completely electronic, so no paper copies are involved; you simply load your ZIP code into the system and it will automatically connect you to local, regional and state news outlets. Give it a try, and enjoy the recognition! For a complete demonstration, visit:

New Benefits for Professional Members in 2016-17

Becoming a professional member of SkillsUSA is one of the best ways to demonstrate to students the importance of the organization and the opportunities that membership will provide. Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, professional members will receive additional benefits including:

  • The full edition of the 2017-18 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards, the official competition guide for the SkillsUSA Championships. It contains rules for all national competitive events, including an overview, lists of technical skills and knowledge required, clothing requirements, eligibility and equipment lists. Note: Because of the constant need for updates, both the latest SkillsUSA Championships contest updates and the official SkillsUSA Championships scorecards are located online here:
  • Jump into STEM! This updated curriculum includes STEM career exploration activities that can be taught by high-school members to middle-school or elementary students.
  • Career Readiness Curriculum (CRC). This complete program includes 29 lesson plans that support the SkillsUSA Framework and prepare students for workplace success. CRC is the first building block of the SkillsUSA Professional Development Program.

SkillsUSA professional members receive all of these programs and materials when they submit membership along with a valid email address. The 2017-18 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards and other materials will be provided through a digital delivery system. National dues for professional membership are $20 plus state dues, which vary. The complete listing of 2016-17 state dues and deadlines will be included in the membership kit and online.

National Public-Safety Conference to Feature SkillsUSA

The National Partnership Conference for careers in law, public safety, corrections and security is coming to Atlanta Sept. 26-29. Professional development opportunities, led by industry experts, will include best-practice sessions and how to integrate SkillsUSA into the classroom. Three primary tracks will be offered: industry training in each CTE pathway, pedagogy and instruction, and program development and growth. Dr. Thomas Washburn, a nationally recognized leader in creating innovative instructional methods, has engaged key stakeholders from both public and private institutions in support of this conference. For more information, visit: and check out the promotional video at:

National Conference

Monday, June 20th, 9am to Saturday, June 25th, 9am

Louisville, KY, United States

Louisville, KY