Sumatran Orangutan

Finding a new habitat for this endangered species

Facts of the Sumatran Orangutan

1. Its name is th Sumatran Orangutan

2. Its scientific name is Pongo abelii


1. The Sumatran Orangutan currently lives in Sumatra, Indonesia.

2. The coordinates of Sumatra are latitude=0 and longitude=102 E

3. The average temperature in Sumatra is 77 F

This is sumatra, the Orangutans's original habitat


Two physical adaptations of the Sumatran Orangutan are:

1. Orangutans have 7 foot long arms to hang from trees. This benefits them because they can swig along trees hast, helping them get from place to place.

2. Orangutans have opposable thumbs so they can grab branches. this benefits them because they can grip trees so they can swing around.

Two behavioral adaptations are:

1. Orangutans mainly live under the trees this benefits them because swinging from tree branches are their method of travel.

2. Orangutan males usually fight each other for females. This benefits them because if they win the fight, they can reproduce and keep the population going.

Why the Sumatran Orangutan is o n the endangered species list

It is on the endangered species list because most of its habitat is being destroyed by human settlements. This means that it has no place to live, killing the species.

The impact of bringing the orangutan to a new place

The impact of moving the Orangutan is that it will provide a safe home for it. This means that it will have a place to live and wont die off, making the species no longer endangered. It also means that it can interact with other animals.

This is the food web of the Orangutan

This is the food pyramid for the Sumatran Orangutan