Camp Bubble

Where our bubbles don't burst!

About Camp Bubble

Our camp is a friendly environment where many kids and teens with the many affects of polio can come and enjoy a great part of their summer with other children. We have special care takers who devote their life to helping your children have a great time. If you would like to come along for the fun, you sign up along with your child or children. We have many activities for you and your child to do through out the stay here. Our summer camp is perfect for polio affected children and teens. Dates will be June 3rd-14th, June 17th-28th, July 1st-12th, and July 15th-26th.

All you need to pay is 15 dollars per person. The rest of camp is FREE.

Our mission is to give to children who need to be happy!

more about camp bubble

The many things your children will encounter here will help them in many ways. For example, socializing with others and many more exciting things. We have lots of outdoor activities as well as indoor one for those who are more sensitive to the outdoors. Our outdoor activities include, hot air balloon rides, campfires in the sunset telling stories, and of course Bubble hour!
Our age groups are from 4-15 years of age. We have different places all around camp to separate by age groups and gender, but during bubble hour and free time activities everyone can join together and make new friends.
Our schedule is to wake up at 7:00 to get up and ready to head out to many activities everyday. Then after a big breakfast around 8:30 am we wil head out to arts and crafts, music class and many other activities. After, we will have different subjects everyday to keep their mind freshed up on school things so they can be successful. Curfew is at 10:00 pm. There will be only 8 children in each cabin. So, hurry space is limited we only have enough for up to 150 children to join.

What you will need

*any hair products, hair ties, etc.


*Clothes to wear for 2 weeks


*bathing suits(Bikini, swimming shorts etc.)

Contact Us (Hablamos Español!)

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medical information

If anything is to seriously happen to a child we will get them safely to one of the 5 medical facilities on our camp grounds. When you register we will give you a form to fill out for medical history along with a form to fill out on what kind of polio your child or children need to be cared for.