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What is 20Time?

20% time has been modified to morph into many different professions. 20 time originated in the 1950's when 3M provided their employees with their 15% Project. Thier results, the post-it and masking tape. Where would we be without that innovation?

More recently, Google has been implementing this. The founders believed strongly that their employees should spend about 20% of their time on projects that would benefit Google the most, whether the projects were currently assigned to them or are they had an interest. Their goal was simple, they hoped to empower their employees to be creative and innovative. These were essentially employees pet projects. From this, we have applications like Gmail, Google Transit, Google News, and Google Talk.

20% time has morphed into other professions like education. Teachers are now using 20 time to provide opportunities, 20% of the week or one class period/week, for students to drive their learning around a topic that they're passionate to learn about. Students Providing students with this time is a symbiotic relationship between the teacher and student. While the student is truly in the driver seat of their own learning, the teacher is able to learn too from the students. What are students interested in? How can I blend more interests into the standards and my teacher to heighten their experience? The learning teachers have from students is endless with possibilities.

* 20% time has also morphed in form of name to 20 time, Passion Project, and Genius Hour.

Fast Facts

  1. 20Time provides students time to design their own learning during a set period of time during school.

  2. 20Time is a simple concept that any teacher can execute.

  3. Students connect with teachers to plan and peers to produce projects.

  4. 20Time gives students real practice setting, achieving and sometimes failing to achieve their own goals.

  5. It is vital to guide the students through an evaluation of their work during scheduled reflection time, and to discuss any obstacles or room for improvement.

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Genius Hour Live Binder

Talk about hitting the jackpot of resources. This LiveBinder has next to everything you could need while implementing 20Time.

Genius Hour Complete Starter Pack

Who doesn't love a bundle they can start with to work and modify as you progress? This Teacher-Pay-Teacher has you covered; start today, revise tomorrow!

Genius Hour Planning Sheet & Genius Hour Reflection

These are both great scaffolds to help your students plan their proposals and reflect on the process as they experience Genius Hour, both provided by engagetheirminds.com.

Genius Hour Passion-Based Learning

This is an online Google community to share your work and ask questions to others doing this innovative work.


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Book Reccommendations

The 20Time Project by Kevin Brookhouser, M. Ed

How educators can launch Google's formula for future-ready innovation

Review: This book provided great ideas and suggestions on how to implement the 20% Time Project in the classroom. A timeline is provided, along with an appendices providing an abundance of resources. This book definitely motivates educators to set high achievable standards.

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The Genius Hour Guidebook by Denise Krebs & Gallit Zvi

Fostering Passion, Wonder, and Inquiry in the Classroom

Review: A good read to promote student creativity about

learning. The authors truly help you understand how to

implement Genius Hour.

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