Hinduism and Buddhism

Yvonne Villanueva

Hinduism and Buddhism

Hinduism and Buddhism are religions that are studied everywhere today,But how are Hinduism and Buddhism differnet and similar?

Hurry UP Hinduism!

Hinduism started in India and Hindus were polytheism that means they believe in many gods,They had the caste system and there was untouchables, They kill animals if they have to and they had poor jobs, But you must have bad karma to be a untouchable, If you have good karma you go up a caste.

Bubbling Buddhism

Buddhism started when prince Siddhartha became the Buddha {The Enlightened One} Found His answers to why people suffer. People that studied Buddhism did not believe in gods or the caste system instead they had the Four noble truths,Eight fold path and a place called Nirvana, A place of perfect peace.

How are they similar?

Here are somethings that Hinduism and Buddhism are similar, They both started in India, spread to other areas, They use statues and pictures,They do renicorrnation