Download a JPG of Your Newsletter

Pro users: download a JPG for sharing and printing

What is a JPG file?

A JPG file is a type of formatted file that can be easily edited in a photo editing program. It can then be shared online or used for printing, if it is high-resolution.

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Follow the guide below to download a JPG of your newsletter:

1. Click on your name

In upper right side, click on your name button to get to "Profile" page

2. Select the newsletter you want to download

Choose the newsletter you would like to download as a JPG

3. Click on "Publish Changes"

On the right side of your newsletter, make sure you've clicked "Publish Changes", which will take you out of draft mode

4. Click "Print or download PDF"

On the right side of the Editor, click on "Print or download PDF"

5. Click "Download"

On the upper side, click on "Download" and then click on "JPG"

5. View the "JPG" file

The JPG file will appear at the bottom of your browser window or another location on your computer where you've selected downloads to automatically go. You can then open the newsletter as a JPG and make edits to it in an advanced photo editing program

Need more info?

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