Design Do's and Dont's

What to do and what not to do on ancillary work.


Stick to two clear fonts as a maximum. They have to be appropriate to the style and genre of the digipak and advertisement.

Three colours as a maximum and make sure the are appropriate to the style and genre of ancillary work. (digipak and advertisement)

Use clear photos that are in focus. Make sure they are the appropriate size of each panel and genrically appropriate.

Follow the rule of thirds.

Include the barcode, date, copyright information, title of the album, artist name, record company logo, website and artist website.


Don't use unnecessary effects. Effects must suit the genre of the digipak and advertisement.

Don't stretch images to fit the panel- this will cause a loss of marks as it looks unprofessional.

Don't place text across the face of the artist.

Don't use fonts just because I like them (they have to suit the genre)

Don't feel the need to have photos on every panel. Do research and follow the conventions of the genre closely. Overload of photos will lose marks.

Following these guidelines will make my digipak the best it can be.