Kansas regions

by cody

Ozark plateau

The impact Ozark had on Kansas was their mining. What they mined during its heyday was lead and zinc. When you think of Kansas you think of how it looks in the wizard of oz but really it's a rocky and heavily forested area.

The Cherokee Lowlands

The Cherokee lowlands is probably known for its mining. Other than mining coal they mined glass,cement,tile and brick material.

when they would mine coal they would take a big shovel and dig big strips. One of the world's largest shovel is big Brutus which is now retired and a museum

Osage Cues ta

This region used to be covered with a shallow sea with sediment that was brought by the rivers would create rocks and boulders. this region has some flat lands and also some rolling hills from erosion.

Chautauqua Hills

During the Permian sea time there were rivers that ran into the sea and brought sediment with them and made deltas. During this time sediment was buried and turned into rocks and then got uncovered when the land above was eroded.
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