Middle Childhood Health Concerns

By: Blair Rector


  • awareness of midrange sounds develop first
  • by age 11, they have the auditory awareness as adults
  • ear infections are common
  • if left untreated, they could have hearing loss
  • Eustachian tube changes position during this stage
  • It prevents bacteria and fluids from moving from the mouth to the ear


  • can see an object with both eyes at the same time
  • ability to focus improves
  • farsighted- can see objects in the distance more clearly than up close
  • near sighted- able to see up close more clearly than at a distance
  • 25% of children will have their eyesight corrected


  • begin to lose their baby teeth
  • central incisors fall out first
  • by age 12, all 20 primary teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth
  • teeth are out of proportion at first
  • face lengthens and mouth widens
  • tooth loss causes self-cautious
  • tooth decay is common


  • it is characterized by excessively body fat
  • defined if s/he weighs 20% more than other people of the same age
  • obesity affects 25% of school-age children
  • impacts child's emotional health
  • overweight parents and environments contribute
  • stress and physical inactivity contribute as well
  • overweight as a kid leads to overweight as an adult