By: Dee Dee Pryor

How HIV/AIDS Started

When people get affected by HIV/AIDS it goes bad. Millions of people died from HIV/AIDS. Many people survived, but many who have got HIV/AIDS got very sick. Because so many people get this, sometime childern are orphaned. In 1981, nobody really understood what had caused this disease. In 1983, scientist in France and in the U.S. indentified a virus called HIV. Scientist believe that this disease started in monkeys and passed into humans. Still to this day scientist are trying to figure out what really caused HIV/AIDS.
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How HIV and AIDS Spread

HIV/AIDS can be spread in many different ways. For example, HIV and AIDS can be spread by sexual contact. This happens when your blood mixes with another person's blood that has HIV or AIDS. Some other ways are by exposure to HIV positive blood, mother to child contact, and other routes. HIV and AIDS can be spreaded in many different ways, and it is passed through another fast and in a snap.

Fun Facts

HIV attacks and destorys the immune system.

Childern who get HIV can get banned from school.

People can remain HIV positive for years.

AIDS- Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

HIV- Human Immunodeficiency Virus