Heru Ur

is the lower most divinity on the cosmiconomythograph, but Heru Ur represents the perfection of enlightened consciousness. He is human and knowledgeable about the physical creation, but he also knows Ra and the higher realms of existence, even while living as a human being on earth, the grossest realm (Ta). He is not the lowest neteru on the diagram of the Kemetic Tree because he is the lowliest being; he is the lowest because he is the master of the lower, master of the earth realm, the Ta.

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Heru - the child

Heru represents the potential of every human being, who, living on earth, can also attain the heights of spiritual evolution and self-discovery. And that is what you are supposed to be striving for. All those who are not enlightened beings are ordinary human beings, slaves to the world of time and space, and desires, which is symbolized by Heru, the child, before he becomes Heru Ur.
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Egoism is the most powerful obstacle of a spiritual aspirant to attaining enlightenment; Set the rival of Heru. And what does attaining enlightenment mean? It means that you must control the lower forces that are operating through you, that are generating through you, that are leading you astray, that are controlling your life, and then you are to come into the knowledge of the Higher Self, the transcendental aspect of “you.”